Friday, February 6, 2009

Semester 02

One semester as an architecture student is quite painful but worth it.. Yeah.. Ntah. Sronott gle..

Last sem we have been helping the seniors a lot in making the events held a success.. Hmm.. This sem we plan to do the same but let the newcomers do most of it.. Sronot jadi hamba neh.. Dah kena mara2, ltih2 nuat kja, mlm2 sblum tdo @ induction (klu kna pggl an.. hehe..) lepas perasaan.. ngumpat la.. pe lagi.. nama dah manusia an.. hehe..

What's going on now.. ArchiSports.. The Blackening season... wuuhhoooo..... Daa.. Nnt i'll post some photos...

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