Saturday, February 28, 2009

What We Go Thru..

I think im gonna abandon sal tajuk akiSport.. still wan to see, see maleha's blog! hehe...

Ok.. It's just tirring for us architecture students day by day.. We only get the d chance to recharge our bateries for a small amount of tym.. I'm not exagerating, but.. PENATT!!! Fuh.. Tp fun.. Ok..
Tgk kembu kat dlm gamba.. Bru2 ni ada photoshoot utk klas foto.. so lyk.. sumOrg kna posing..

Here.. I show u some...

tp xleh la sume.. hehe... =p

6,7,8 March... Trip to Penang.. This is something interesting to write about.. Nanti kitorg blk nnt, i'll make sure to post.. Till then.. TTFN
p/s : luv u dear.. hehe.. ;p (soree.. candid.. my bad..)

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