Friday, April 24, 2009

I Miss My Blog...

what have i been up to eversince my last post aaaa... so many things man.. not enough space to story2 in my blog.. i'll make it brief. this semester archiSports, archiTalk, archiFest, and archiDinner which our batch had to handle. hmm.. the life of an architecture students only happens throughout the department. ipoh? sometimes.. we don't enjoy most of our time like students of other majors. who ever insisted on taking up architecture..? heh.. what the heck, it's FUN!!

the most important thing i discovered this semester aaa, i found a new hobby.. hehe... for architectural communication 2 this sem we learn photography. learning how to use an SLR.. so my new hobby is taking photos..!! yup!! i love it when i'm the one snapping the beautiful pics.. huhu... i'll show you some... heee.. =D

Ipoh KTM Station Waterfront Garden
My Favourite yet! Hehe.. A flower from Uptown UiTM Perak
Also from Uptown. I call this the Whipcream Flower... Heee.. =p
This is a photo infront of my studio at 4p.m. It was
for an assignment...
i cannot show all.. and the ones i uploaded here, i already resized it to minimal quality.. for faster upload.. a file of a photo taken with an slr can go up to 3megs a piece.. gle babi dowh.... huhu... hmm... from time to time i'll upload more photos ya...
..but most of all, i miss my boo... ehehe =p... come back to me soon...
i miss u.. so much!! wooo.. (T.T) and i'm sorry i put this photo of you..
i love you so much..

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