Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things Are Getting Better

I guess.. hmm.. It's a relief that the smester has ended. Well, next semester is quite a nightmare, but nightmare i'm looking forward to! Hehe.. We'll be in 03, handling ArchiSports, ArchiTalk, and the main event, ArchiDAY 2009!!

Yea baby, we have no clue on what the theme would be. But there is a suggestion that it could be Renaissance. Well, the significance of that theme is that, architectural students of uitm perak need to bring back the soul of wanting to know more about what is around us than just seeing ourselves as students wanting to just pass examinations. Life is more than that. Hmm..

Anyways, Rumi, the architectural workshop 2009 will be in UiTM Shah Alam. Me and a few friends in our batch will be going as crews to help out with the event. I wanted to join the competition held, but my schedule doesn't allow me. My cousin's having a wedding on 29-30 May. So, from now untill then.. i'm not available.. 1st of June, to Shah Alam for the Workshop.

And when workshop's done.. Sleep thru the balance of the holidays, which i think is for about a week and a half.. Bothers.

Money is also a problem for me. I've spent my ptptn mostly on my favourite activity, EATING!!
In a day, i would go to breakfast once, lunch twice, dinner twice, and supper is throughout the night untill i sleep. Coz, there's other kids who sell burgers, nasi lemak and all.. U noe the life if u've been in campus college...

Daaa..... Bluekh!

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