Friday, July 24, 2009

Task1 - My Self

For my third semester studying as an architectural student, I'm taking up 7 subjects including History of Architecture. And let's cut to the chase, the assignments given have to be posted on our blogs. So, in a way, we share what we learn. But the first asssignment is to introduce my self.

Here goes...

My name is Muhammad Mursyid bin Sazali. Born on January 10th, 1990 in Purawi Kuala Lumpur. My first three years I lived in Keramat next to my Granpa and Grandma. At three years old, I had 2 more little sisters (sweet! when we did'nt know words). Then my father, brought our family to America because he wanted to further his studies there. It was a nice country, beautiful indeed. I enjoyed my time there. School, not much but I loved my friends. Holloween, trick-or-treating was not on my schedule, but I watched through the window kids wearing funny costumes and all. Winter! Snow was my best experience I can ever tell you about. I once made a snowman, I didn't have a hat for it so I decided to put on my "songkok" on it. Hehe.. It was a converted snowman. A muslim snowman.

I have tons of pictures to show you actually, but my hard disk got stolen. And everything I've been storing for years, GONE!!! I lost it in Seri Iskandar. Whoever's responsible, damn you!!

To tell you more about my self in one post is quite boring. but i'll be posting from time to time. so, keep up. there's not much to know about me really. but before i go, i would like to tell you that i enjoy eating, sleeping, playing the computer, drawing, sketching, and annoying people. i hate being annyed by people.. thank you..!!

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