Monday, September 7, 2009

My Blood Pumping Organ Wants to Talk

design-archiday2009-and sleep.. what's more important eih..? hmm.. is getting onto the dean's list an impossible goal? nah.. but i don't know where have my motivations gone. bla..bla..bla.. sometimes everyone gets into a situation they never wanted to. for instance me right now.. not rilly the happiest moments in my life, but it makes me wish that i could go back to the time when i was in the first grade, my school's sport day event. i remembered telling my best friend at the time, Omar, it was my best day of my life.. back then, i had to worry about nothing. being a kid is so simple..

being 19 is a whole different story. when love gets to you.. heh.. during these busy moments, it comes to me and tells me that there's a possibility that i might lose her forever.. hmm.. how could i give someone like her away to someone when i've vowed to myself that i'm hers. it's complicated to narrate about it right now. but every time after solah, i would pray to Allah may it last forever. i want it to last forever. who else could be a lover and a best friend for me besides her.

it's funny when i think of saying i can't live without 'you'.. and then i break up and find a new girl and say the same words. so, it means that i can live. hm.. but recalling my history, i've left them behind because i had to or she wanted it. not because i wanted to or i did something wrong. i don't understand much about these things.. that is why i have friends that can help me and make me feel better. it doesn't heal me, but i feel a little bit better..

hehehe... letting the heart bable could take forever!! i just want things to work well. i don't plan on letting go of her, ever....

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wanis said...

sgt emosional dan romantis ni kenapa.
u will lose anythng lah chill sude :P