Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My final project wasn't really 'all that" but i'm happy and proud of I've done. Heh.. Me likey watercolours.. hoho..
For this holiday break... not really sure on what i'm gonna do. But currently I'm studying for next sem's design Anthropology and Egronomics like suggested by en. Jamal.. Hoo... Soo not me.. Well, I have nothing better to do..
*photograph courtesy of Farah Hanna Ahmad Fuad


nyenglalala said...

weee. da la. tapayah aa blaja. nt xde gu aa ak nex sem x siap kijee.haha

muhammad MURSYID said...

haha.. ak still akn bergu nan kaw punye nyeng.. ni stkt na isi 'ruang' kosong cuti ak..