Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 Nights Ago

See, my parents are in the process of taking care of the construction of our new home. The main designer, Baba. And mixed some ideas with Mama a little bit here and there. Well.. Right now, the ground floor frames up to the first floor slab is complete. No walls yet, and we have not quite decided how the windows, doors, finishing and so on to look like. Well, me taking architecture, I tried helping out a little bit. Just from what I can think of, well three semesters not really making me feel like an architect just yet..heh,,

I did some sketches on an idea for the windows. Putting in timber as an element.

And behind these timber finishes are ventilation holes which makes the timber functional as a kind of protector from direct heat and rain.

And I for one, am not familiar with Google SketchUp. So, why not I make a virtual model of our home. In the same time I get to get use to using that shitup. Haha.. Still in progress.. No picture yet aa.. But when complete I'll show ya!

And sambil2 buat tu, sarah main game Go Go Gormet and tbe2 demand na mkn pizza. Da 11pm and pizza hut da tutup budak weyh.. So, annoying little sarah got her pizza. Baba buat. Hoho.. WE HELPED.. Tp cheese pkai cheddar keping yg org ltak atas burger. Desperate times call for desperate measures, ryt?

But pagi ni Fatimah ada paper Akaun.. Go budak SKOLAH!! Hehe.. Da na abis da pn.. blaja jd anak dara yg pandai masak lak.. Jgn kua pg mne2.. ;p

Latest progress on my SketchUp experimenting project.. skrg sgt2 tesangkut ngan tgk Hell's Kitchen season 6. Hehe..


Cassendra said...

perghh..family architect..hebat gila..aku nk follow r progress rumah kau ni..hah

muhammad MURSYID said...

famili comes first.. hahaha.. isi mse lpang. tu je..