Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scientist Real Intention

I think it is true. This morning I was on the way back from sending the two little munchkins to school when I heard on the radio, it was traxx.fm. And what they said was that scientist always have new findings lah, and suddenly the new findings is not legit lah, need more study.. For example Pluto. Before it was the ninth planet. Then suddenly it was not a planet. Well "we" muslims say this is because effing jewish and christian scientist just don't want to face the fact that there is a tenth planet like stated in the Holy Quran.

Scientists think they have the power to play around with facts and make people believe. THE REAL INTENTION..? They're just making a living. Scientist sometimes have the need to become con artists. When they need to study new things, government sectors will be funding them money. That's why it's not easy to become scientist. Hahahaha...Well, sorry to anyone who is one or going to be one.. I just think this is kinda true. Know why? I'm really pissed off with the pluto thing. That is just not right.. LAME!!! Have any bad perspectives about architects..?? Go ahead..!! We know we're not good people, coz we continuously physically try making the world a better place..woooo....whatever......

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