Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Heart of an Architect

An Architect. A designer. What is it that really counts in an Architect's design? Is it the fact of where he graduated from, how many A's he got for his Designs? Is it the uniqueness of the idea he produces? Is it the knowledge of the building industry that he has? Is it how many people he has in his network? Or is it just everything?

Well, in my opinion it is the Architects heart in designing. A good Architect designs with passion with all his heart. He does not just design for mere compliments. He designs so that the product that he produces will touch the heart of people now and generations to come. He designs something and puts himself in the place of the user. He designs so that he himself would feel the pleasure of his own architecture. The function, that's the keyword.

Well, designers today are mostly looking to be "the most creative", "the most innovative", the most in everything. But not everything is most "fulfilling" right. Design spaces and put yourself in it. How would you feel if someone else designed a space that'll make you go, "who designed this?? this is horrible". Is it their fault, or yours bro?

Now, this is just a thought. A thought to try and define an Architect. kan da stat mengarut...hahaha...sape suro tido lambat2....

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