Thursday, October 11, 2012

A new book

I gotta hand it to you, a month away from home for work has changed the way I think drastically. Before, being away from home for college was totally different. I did not have much to worry about. Study, design, get good grades, hang out with friends, and when I'm out of cash I'd just call my mom and dad and ask for more. I didn't do bad things or anything. It's just that I do feel guilty for not spending very wisely. Well, doing architecture most of the times does not allow me to.

It has been probably a month that I have started working in KL, away from my home but very close to relatives. Being 22 years old, I can't expect to rely on my parents money forever. For a change, I think it is time to learn and give back to them, even if it's not much. Starting out with a little capital to support me while waiting for my first pay check has opened my eyes to what it feels to support myself from day to day. The two most important things to continue living is food and shelter. Of course, transportation is also important but finding a descent place to eat with a reasonable price is quite hard the first time. So, now I know how it feels like having to plan my meals everyday. Before I could just eat whatever I want, whenever I want. 

Work is truly different than college. It has its pros and cons. Well, for one I am currently working to get exposed on how it feels like working in an architect's office, preparing my self to pursue my studies later on. Basically, I just want to try to help my self help my parents not having to spend too much on me in the future. Being the eldest, I want to be able to help them financially. So, my plan is to save some money and invest some for my own future. As for right now, I think I have my ground a little bit more steady than I was the first day I started working. 

Most of the time I just think back about how college was so beautiful. Great place, great friends, great everything! But this is how life is, I have to move on, just keeping my head up high and dealing with life. This is just a fresh new page of a new book to my already beautiful life. 


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