Saturday, December 6, 2008

Today's Saturday

What am I thinking of.. umm.. Well, let's see. Yesterday I got home at 12.30am. Went out with an old friend. Umm, stopped at pizza hut just to meet some old work mates. It was fun chating with them. Six months in Perak piled up so many interesting stories to share. Hahaha...
And umm, thinking back about Seri Iskandar. I'm very dissapointed by how a few things are going on. Basketball has nothing to do with it.. Going into semester 2, huh! Time flies when you're in seri iskandar.. But hell yea I love it there.. Friends, bla bla bla bla.. Y'all noe that sh**.

Blogging wasn't really a part of me, but I'm trying. Yay for me! Duhh.. What are you sniggering at Asmali? Hahaha... I just guessed that you might be reading.. And then you'll be telling detective conan, just because i just mentioned his name. And then Wanis, because of the same reason.. Hahaha!! I'm so bored... Can't wait to get back to Sri Alexander.. Dudes..

"Look Ma, the camera does put on an extra 10 pounds on me..!!"

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