Monday, January 26, 2009

Love-Hate.. Friends..?

What does love give and what does hate take? Well, umm.. sumorg de definition sendiri to this soalan cepu mas.. Huhu.. I'm just a boy who likes to um, sleep, eat and sleep some more!! My life, I've known many girls, but most o them don't have any idea of who I am. Specially the "like to sleep" part.. But close frens know.. Hehe

Well. Love is patient, never jealous and always waiting for bla bla bla.. I'm guessing you'ved already watched A Walk To Remember. But Hate, hate is something everyone keeps inside. But most of us tend to show it all the tym. I'm not one of them. Gaga.. ;p

Hate is always jealous, never patient to burst and burn everything in its way.. But with an adequete amount of hate, there'll be good love.. Haha.. I'm just babling my fingers off. I'm just so bored.. Man. My homesick's turned upside down.

One thing I hate is when a holiday comes. See, living in a campus for almost all ur lyf, u get to feel how the campus is when no one's here. Like right NOW!! I hate seeing people packing their stuff to go home. And then leave the whole campus to myself! Wee... =( The same thing.. I hate it when my friends go home early when it comes to holidays.. Can't we just hang out a lil longer.. Huh?? IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR...?? WHY????????

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