Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

26th May 2010.. We made this stationary holder for mama's office. Applying what me and my younger siblings have learnt from watching Art Attack! Yes, Art Attack and from my experience using poster paint in doing my final project for part 3. Hahaha... Just thought of making something rather than buying something. Wanted to make something more artistic but I made it on the day of mama's birthday. So, this is all I...we could manage..and sorry no cake..tp mama da bwk g mkn pizza and mcD..hooh!! so full one...my stomach..!!

_the process

Using boxes as the main form. Green poster paint to hold the tissues in place and give it some texture. Poster paint hardens rock solid if you let it dry well in the sun. But can crack if its too hot..But because of limited time, I used a hair dryer to fasten the process..hehe..

Sarah's colour to decorate it a lil bit..Not too artistic but not plain. That's nice enough..i guess...

And lately...Bnyk gle na mampos kelkatu yg wujud pada waktu mlm..Pagi2 tgk bertebaran kat lantai luar rumah..Huish...Menyemak je.....


[Insyirah Ibrahim] said...

i like the way u spell kelkatu.. haha..

pssstt.. buat tuk saye satu boleh????

muhammad MURSYID said...

Bole2...hadiah kawin nt eh..hahaha