Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Mind Understands, But My Heart Refuses To Accept

Really, I understood our situation even way long before we broke up. But I just tried everything to make it last a little bit longer. And I appreciated the time you asked me to spend with you in doing our design ya. Even though there was nothing else I could do, at least I could still see you, and speak with you. I'm just so damned right now. Maybe it was not long enough that we've been doing things together compared to you with them other boys. But to me, it was long enough to make me feel lost when I'm not without you. I can't blame you for what I'm going through, maybe I'm just tripping over wires in my life ya. Maybe because I've told you in the beginning and many more times that I just don't want to lose you. And now I have. I've tried putting it into my head that I have a 70% chance that I just might lose you but my heart eventually got so attached to you that it still won't let you out up until now. But it has to understand that 'us' is just making it harder for you. A few people may be laughing at the fact that this relationship didn't work out like I hoped to. But that's just how people are.

If life was so much simpler yaw.. "-___- *sigh...

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